CPU® has developed many software products since 1985. These products were complementary products developed and productized to provide rapid low cost Process and Enterprise integration solutions.

We believe in delivering software products that reflect the business processes of the clients we serve. CPU software products focus on coupling complex measurement and control environments with understandable, usable interfaces.

CPU's strongest product yet is it's Operations Software Suite which includes eFCASTM Measurement and RelationalSCADA®.


Operations Software Suite encompases many components. One of the componenents, eFCAS Measurement, components allow for natural gas producers, transporters, and end-users to manage the gathering, validation, auditing, reporting, and dissemination of gas flow measurement data enterprise-wide. The eFCAS scalable system architecture provides field technicians, production managers, reservoir engineers, and accounting staff timely access to accurate natural gas measurement information, improving operations and facilitating regulatory compliance requirements such as FERC 636 and Sarbanes-Oxley.

RelationalSCADA® allows operations to see, in real-time, and remotely, the operational components that need to be controled.

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