Bentek Systems Ltd.

Bentek Systems designs,manufactures, and installs innovative Industrial Wireless SCADA and Telemetry Solutions. They also install and perform system integration for SCADA systems as well as Flow Data Management systems.

Bentek is a reseller and preferred integrator of CPU's eFCASTM Production Data Management Software Platform.



Cameron's products include a wide range of pressure control and rig systems for onshore and offshore drilling; land and platform production systems for conventional and unconventional applications; separation, processing, and treatment systems; subsea production and processing systems; measurement systems; and a wide variety of valves and actuators. In addition, Cameron's life-of-field services help our customers to manage assets and optimize recovery.

Cameron is a reseller and an integrator for CPU's eFCAS Production Data Management Software Platform. The eFCAS Suite of products can collect data from most of Cameron's Flow Measurement and real-time hardware products.


Simple Control Solutions

Simple Control Solutions provides fit-for-purpose hardware solutions for Oil and Gas, Water/Waste Water, and Power Industries. Simple Control Solutions {archie}tm Data Loggers are the easiest to configure and use in the industry. Combine the Simple Control Solutions {archie}tm Digital Chart Recorders with CPU's eFCAS TM Operations Software Platform, specifically the Virtual Flow Computer Module for the perfect economical solution.

The combination of the eFCAS Virtual Flow Computer Module plus the SCS Archie Digital Chart Recorder gives companies an economical solution for replacing the old chart recorders and getting the real-time functionality of an Electronic Flow Computer (EFM). Click here for more information on the eFCAS Virtual Flow Comptuer Module.


M S Benbow & Associates

M S Benbow and Associates, A Professional Engineering Corporation, provides multi-discipline professional engineering services to the industrial, commercial, private and public sectors in the fields of electrical, mechanical, instrumentation and controls, and telecommunications engineering.

MSB&A engineers and designers work in diverse industrial public areas including:

• Petroleum exploration, production, refining and transportation facilities,
• Petrochemical and chemical manufacturing plants,
• Pipelines, gas plants, control centers and tank farms,
• Mining complexes,
• Marine vessels,
• Materials handling and packaging facilities,
• Aerospace and nuclear industries,
• Public buildings, towers and remote construction sites, and
• Project management for projects broad in scope and complexity.

CPU has enjoyed a mutually beneficial partnering relationship with MSB&A since 1985. CPU has worked closely with MSB&A to provide Process Information Management systems and Enterprise Application Integration at the facility and enterprise levels.