CPU®'s enterprise integration services focus on the process industry with strong emphasis on plants and manufacturing facilities. However, CPU professional services extend over a wide range of industries from offshore oil and gas production, to petrochemical manufacturing plants, to theme park operations.

CPU’s First Generation Enterprise Integration Solution—IntelliPlant

Originally, CPU developed a first-generation enterprise integration product, IntelliPlant, which allowed us to rapidly engineer plant-centric connectivity designs among diverse applications, allowing for data exchange between the facility level and client business systems.

IntelliPlant, provides seamless connectivity of facility applications, quickly and cost-effectively, that allows you to take control of your facility dataflow integration, now and in the future.

Focusing on the needs of the petrochemical and manufacturing industries, IntelliPlant provides a high-volume distributed messaging bus and a light-weight framework for Facility-centric and plant-centric integration, permitting deployment of a cost-effective, easily-implemented solution to your plant integration needs.

IntelliPlant System Architecture

What IntelliPlant Does

IntelliPlant is a layered solution that uses a publish/subscribe messaging bus middleware as a network layer, which then connects to various applications through easy to use adapters. Communication takes place via messages from the applications across the bus.

IntelliPlant uses mature middleware from third party vendors such as IBM and TIBCO for the messaging bus layer. Middleware is software that insulates distributed applications from the underlying network topology and protocols. It replaces the "network plumbing" required to implement point-to-point interfaces.

Second Generation Enterprise Integration Solution

While CPU’s first-generation IntelliPlant was leading edge technology at the time, our partners IBM and TIBCO eventually developed similar products, which allowed us to sell our first-generation proprietary IntelliPlant technology to another software vendor, and move to off-the-shelf technology, reducing our support costs.

CPU now offers EAI solutions using various off-the-shelf messaging middleware-based products with our second generation connector frameworks, providing our low cost layered solution, our second-generation IntelliPlant product.

If you want to take control of your facility data flow integration, our products and services can help.